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Table 3 Consumption of alternative medicine and herbal ailments

From: Use of alternative medicine, ginger and licorice among Danish pregnant women – a prospective cohort study

Intake of alternative medicine and supplements % (n) Possible risk in pregnancy / recommendations during pregnancy
Alternative medicines 22.7(51)  
Psyllium Husk Fiber 6.7(15) Delayed absorption of other drugs, necessary insulin dosage adjustment (downward) for diabetics [30]
Valerian 0.4(1) Influence on fetal ossification, cytotoxic and mutagen [5]
Glucosamines 0.4(1) No available information
Ginger 11.1(25) Induce abortion, influence fetal testosterone metabolism and maternal vaginal bleeding from gestational week 17 [5, 31]
Pregnancy tea (raspberry leaves and ginger) 0.4(1) Antigonadotrophic effects [5]
Mint tea 1.8(4) Emmenagogue properties [30]
Cranberry tablets 0.4(1) Insufficient treatment of UVI [3]
Kefir 0.4(1) Contains small amounts of alcohol (fermented)
Kombucha tea 0.4(1) Contains small amounts of alcohol (fermented)
Krauterblüt (herbal iron remedy) 2.7(6) Iron deficiency due to insufficient supplementation [32]
Thyme tea 0.4(1) Inducing abortion [2]
L-lysine 0.4(1) No available information
Green tea 0.4(1) Contains caffeine [30]
Turmeric 0.4(1) Induces abortion [33] and is cytotoxic [34]
Lactic Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria 0.9(2) No available information
Boldocynara (Boldo, dandelion, mint, artichoke) 0.4(1) No available information, but mint has emmenagogue properties [30]
Oregano 0.4(1) No available information
Essential (Norwegian remedy) 0.4(1) No available information
MK oil (Linseed, evening primrose, rosehip, caraway) 0.4(1) Caraway has emmenagogue properties and spasmolytic effects [30], evening primrose increases the incidence of prolonged rupture of membranes, oxytocin augmentation and vacuum extraction [31]
  1. Overview of the reported use of alternative medicines by the women and an outline of the current recommendation and reported risk aspects in pregnancy from the medical literature