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Table 4 Synergistic effect of gigantol combined with SA on high glucose-induced HLECs analyzed by Jin’s formula (q value listed in the table)

From: Investigation of synergistic mechanism and identification of interaction site of aldose reductase with the combination of gigantol and syringic acid for prevention of diabetic cataract

gigantol (μg/mL) syringic acid (μg/mL)
0.125 0.625 1.25 2.5
0.1 1.21a* 1.17a 1.14 1.10
0.5 1.18a 1.22a* 1.18a 1.15a
1 1.13 1.14 1.26a* 1.17a
2 1.09 1.06 1.12 1.20a*
  1. According to Jin’s formula, q < 0.85 indicates antagonism, 0.85 ≤ q < 1.15 indicates additive effects, and q ≥ 1.15 indicates synergism (a). Synergism indicates that the effect of a mixture exceeds that expected from the individual components and additive effects (non-interaction) mean that the combined effect is equal to the expectation. The largest grades synergism efficiency when combination ratio of gigantol and SA was 1:1.25, * P < 0.05 vs the other combination ratio groups