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Table 1 List of potential protein target related to COVID-19

From: Virtual screening of Indonesian herbal compounds as COVID-19 supportive therapy: machine learning and pharmacophore modeling approaches

Virus-based protein Host-based protein
PDB/Uniprot ID Protein Reference Uniprot name Uniprot ID Protein Reference
6LU7:A 3CLPro [5] ACE2 Q9BYF1 ACE2 [14]
PLpro_SARS-CoV-2 PLPro [5] AKT1 P31749 AKT [15]
    PYRD Q02127 DHODH [16]
yp_009725307.1 RdRp [5] PPIA P62937
    PPIG Q13427
6M0J:E Spike-ACE2 [5] FKBP5 Q13451
6LZG:A FKBP4 Q02790
6VSB FKBP2 P26885
    CYP5 P52013 PPIASE [17]
    FKB1B P68106
    PPIB P23284
    PPIC P45877
    PPIH O43447
    FKB1A P62942
    IL6RB P40189 IL-6 [18]