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Table 2 Disease categories based on symptoms and the affected organs

From: Traditional medicinal knowledge and practices among the tribal communities of Thakht-e-Sulaiman Hills, Pakistan

Symptoms Disease category
Reduces the duration of Typhoid, body coolness, Sun stroke, Sun shock, influenza, General body ailments, piles, diabetes Multisystem
Applied on small external wounds, to dry them, Papillae, blisters, abscess, pustules, skin allergy, powdered is spread in joints of kids, applied on skin after plant splinters and spines get penetratied and cause injury Dermatological
Stomach ailments/problems, abdominal/stomach gases and pain, constipation/dysentery, diarrhea/loose motion Gastrointestinal
Internal injuries and wounds, bones fractures, sprains, strains Musculoskeletal
‘Voice infection’, unusual diseases, masiyath, i.e., diseases caused by spirits (Jinn), evil eye Ritual
Teeth diseases, insects in the teeth and teeth bleeding Dentistry
High temperature, malaria Fever
Eye irritations/troubles Ophthalmological
Spermatorrhoea Urenogenital diseases
Cough Respiratory
Jaundice, Hepatitis Hepatic
Used against flatulence, obesity Obesity
Low and high blood pressure Blood system
Snakes didn’t enter your home, repel mosquitos Repellent
Used for better health, nutritious, tonic Medicinal food
Pain in ear Earache