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Table 2 Anti-leishmanial activity of D. gracilescens crude extracts against promastigotes of L. donovani

From: Bio-guided isolation of anti-leishmanial natural products from Diospyros gracilescens L. (Ebenaceae)

Plant Part Solvent Promastigote of L. donovani (MHOM/SD/62/1S)
IC50 ± SD (μg/ml)
D. grascilisens Root H20: EtOH >  100
Stem bark H20: EtOH >  100
Leaf H20: EtOH >  100
Trunk H20: EtOH 5.84 ± 0.20
Positive control Amphotericin B 0.34 ± 0.22
  1. Activity data are expressed as mean ± Standard deviation (SD) from triplicate experiments; IC50: 50% Inhibitory Concentration