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Table 5 Impression of respondents on the outcome and practice of TM

From: Traditional medicine among the community of Gash-Barka region, Eritrea: attitude, societal dependence, and pattern of use

Questions Percentage
Outcome of the recent TM used Improved 63.2
Exacerbated 1.1
No change 28.6
Cannot recall 7.2
Complications encountered after the use of TM Yes 4.8
No 95.2
Satisfaction level of the TM service received Wholly satisfied 48.6
Partially satisfied 28.2
Not satisfied 23.3
Plan to use TM in the future Yes 20.3
No 69.7
Encouraging others to use TM Yes 19.4
No 70.6
Willingness to disclose use of TM to CHPs Yes 60.9
No 39.1