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Table 8 Barriers and facilitators to trial procedures (views of health professionals)

From: Pelargonium sidoides root extract for the treatment of acute cough due to lower respiratory tract infection in adults: a feasibility double-blind, placebo-controlled randomised trial

Facilitators Barriers Suggestions
(8) Well designed and organised trial
(4) Well received by patients and clinicians
(1) Very difficult trial to run  
(3) Storage was fine (2) Moving medicine between sites was difficult
(1) storing the medicine at the right temperature
(1) lack of space to store trial paperwork
(1) handling the medicine when arrived
• provide bigger folders
(2) Training was excellent (4) training was too long with too much detail
(1) training was long time ago
• cascade the training internally
• condense the training
• iron out the basics online
• deliver it nearer the time
(1) Electronic database worked well (2) online system difficult to use • change /review system
(3) Very clear paperwork for sites and patients
(1) coloured folder for the patients
(3) too many forms and repetitions • laminated checklists
(6) clear, speedy communication with study team (1) overzealous contacts  
  (1) complicated screening
(1) unsure about screening failures
• only report those who were almost recruited
• provide inclusion /exclusion cards
  [4] payment was low
(1) chasing payments from HATRIC and CRN
  (1) checking returned diaries • CTU to check diaries
  (1) not having a email account • post or fax the paperwork