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Table 1 Percent of inhibition of inflammation, endothelial activation, NF-κB and eNOS biomarkers by each FD variety based on area under the curve (AUC) analysis

From: Ficus deltoidea suppresses endothelial activation, inflammation, monocytes adhesion and oxidative stress via NF-κB and eNOS pathways in stimulated human coronary artery endothelial cells

 VCAM-1% inhibitionICAM-1% inhibitionE-selectin % inhibitionIL-6% inhibitionNF-κB p50% inhibitionNF-κB p65% inhibitioneNOS % increment
  1. FDT FD var. trengganuensis, FDK FD var. kunstleri, FDD FD var. deltoidea, FDI FD var. intermedia, P protein, G gene, N nuclear lysate, C cytoplasmic lysate, bold, first and second most potent FD varieties