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Table 1 Prevalence of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) use, according to sociodemographic characteristics, PNS 2013e

From: Prevalence of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use in Brazil

Sociodemographic variablesPrevalence %a95% Confidence Interval b
Brazilian  regions
Age (years)
 18 to 39 years3.4(3.0–3.9)
 40 to 59 years5.5(4.9–6.2)
 60 years or older5.4(4.7–6.1)
Educational levelc
 Up to Incomplete Elementary School4.2(3.6–4.9)
 Up to Complete High School3.3(3.0–3.7)
 From Incomplete College/University8.1(7.2–9.1)
Ethnicity/skin color  
Socioeconomic statusd
 Higher (A + B)5.6(5.0–6.2)
 Intermediate (C)3.1(2.8–3.5)
 Lower (D + E)5.4(4.5–6.5)
Total prevalence4.5(4.1–4.9)
  1. a Prevalence considering the complex sample design
  2. b 95% confidence interval considering the complex sample design
  3. c The variable education categories “illiterate and incomplete elementary school” were aggregated
  4. d The Brazil Criterion variable
  5. e Sample of individuals aged 18 years and older who answered the 2013 National Health Survey individual questionnaire