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Table 1 Experimental design of the study on hepatoprotective effect of CEDL in PCM-induced rat models

From: Polyphenolics and triterpenes presence in chloroform extract of Dicranopteris linearis leaves attenuated paracetamol-induced liver intoxication in rat

Inducer Group (n = 6) Type of group Administered with:
10% DMSO 1 Normal 10% DMSO
PCM 2 Negative 10% DMSO
3 Positive 50 mg/kg NAC
4 Treatment 50 mg/kg of CEDL
5 Treatment 250 mg/kg of CEDL
6 Treatment 500 mg/kg of CEDL
  1. Normal – Group pretreated and treated with vehicle only; Negative – Group pretreated with vehicle and treated with PCM; Positive – Group pretreated with NAC and treated with PCM; Treatment – Group pretreated with CEDL and treated with PCM