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Table 2 Composition and mass fraction (certified value and uncertainty) of pm10-like fine dust

From: Standardized herbal extract PM014 alleviates fine dust-induced lung inflammation in mice

Element Mass Fraction
Certified value1) [mg/kg] Uncertainty2) [mg/kg]
Arsenic 7.1 0.7
Cadmium 0.90 0.22
Lead 113 17
Nickel 58 7
  1. 1) Unweighted mean value of the means of accepted sets of data, each set being obtained in a different laboratory and/or with a different method. The certified values and their uncertainties are mass fractions based on the mass of the sample after conditioning as described in EN12341 standard of the European Committee for Standardization
  2. 2) The certified uncertainty is the expanded uncertainty with a coverage factor k = 2 corresponding to a level of confidence of about 95% estimated in accordance with ISO/IEC Guide 98–3, Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM: 1995), ISO, 2008