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Table 1 Details of ATEO samples from six major regions used in this study

From: Identification of volatile active components in Acori Tatarinowii Rhizome essential oil from different regions in China by C6 glioma cells

ATEO samples Locality
ATEO-AH Yuexi Country, Anqing, Anhui (AH)
ATEO-HB Yidu Country, Yichang, Hubei (HB)
ATEO-HN Yuanling Country, Huaihua, Hunan (HN)
ATEO-JX Taihe Country, Ji’an, Jiangxi (JX)
ATEO-YN Tengchong Country, Baoshan, Yunnan (YN)
ATEO-ZJ Pan’an Country, Jinhua, Zhejiang (ZJ)