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Table 3 Source of information, Reason for CAM/non-CAM use, and intention to recommend

From: Complementary and alternative medicine use among outpatients during the 2015 MERS outbreak in South Korea: a cross-sectional study

Variablesn (%)
Source of information (n = 252)a
 Mass media (Newspapers, Radio, TV)132 (52.4)
 Internet69 (27.4)
 Family or relatives61 (24.2)
 Friends or peers50 (19.8)
 Book or magazine29 (11.5)
 Others15 (6.0)
 Pharmacist7 (2.8)
Reasons for using CAM (n = 252)a
 To improve the immune system159 (63.1)
 To prevent disease and maintain/promote health134 (53.2)
 To assist in the treatment of disease(s)33 (13.1)
 To aid in psychological comfort20 (7.9)
 To reduce pain7 (2.8)
 To minimize the adverse effects of conventional medicine5 (2.0)
 Others2 (0.8)
Intention to recommend (n = 252)
 Yes183 (72.6)
 No69 (27.4)
Reason for not using CAM (n = 79)
 Do not believe that CAM is relevant to disease treatment22 (27.8)
 Do not trust in the effectiveness of CAM21 (26.6)
 Others16 (20.3)
Do not know about CAM14 (17.7)
Worried about the adverse effects of CAM6 (7.6)
  1. a Columns do not add up to 100% due to the selection of multiple answers