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Table 3 Docking information of five targets with their corresponding compounds

From: A bioinformatics investigation into the pharmacological mechanisms of javanica oil emulsion injection in non-small cell lung cancer based on network pharmacology methodologies

Target PDB code Ligand Binding affinity (kcal/mol)
FABP4 5Y0F Linoleic acid −6.3
FABP4 5Y0F Oleic acid −5.8
FABP4 5Y0F Palmitic acid −5.9
FABP4 5Y0F Stearic acid −5.9
ABCB1 6C0V Palmitic acid −4.8
ABCB1 6C0V Stearic acid −4.3
LDLR 5OYL Stearic acid −3.1
PTGS2 5KIR Linoleic acid −4.2
SDC4 6EJE Linoleic acid −4.9