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Table 4 Multivariable Logistic Regression of Demographic Factors and Traditional Medicine Use (N = 668, p < 0.001)

From: Traditional medicine usage among adult women in Ibadan, Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

VariablesOdds Ratio (95% CI)p-value
 None1 (ref)0.039
 Primary0.75 (0.38–1.46)
 Secondary0.42 (0.21–0.85)
 Vocational/Tech0.40 (0.12–1.32)
 College and Above0.53 (0.19–1.49)
 Yoruba (ref)1 (ref)< 0.001
 Ibo0.25 (0.10–0.63)
 Hausa0.43 (0.24–0.76)
 Other0.50 (0.24–1.02)
 Trader (ref)1 (ref)0.076
 None0.56 (0.24–1.27)
 Housewife0.91 (0.40–2.08)
 Artisan0.55 (0.31–0.97)
 Professional1.05 (0.37–2.96)
 Other0.33 (0.13–0.85)
Weight Change
 Significant gain0.34 (0.13–0.87)0.006
 Little gain0.69 (0.40–1.17)
 No change (ref)1.00 (ref)
 Little loss1.20 (0.68–2.10)
 Significant loss1.64 (0.44–6.09)
  1. P-values for testing global association of each variable were generated from post-estimation tests, with the weight change (over the last year) and education variables tested using a trend test