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Table 2 Complementary therapy use: Reasons and information sources

From: Prevalence of and attitudes towards complementary therapy use for weight after breast cancer in Australia: a national survey

Reasons for CM use (n = 201)
 Improve physical wellbeing15979.10%
 Stress management/improve psychological wellbeing12461.69%
 Improve a non-cancer related symptom or condition7537.31%
 Improve a side effect related to cancer treatment5125.37%
 Boost immune system4019.90%
 Prevent recurrence3919.40%
 Improve a cancer-related symptom2914.43%
Source of CM information (n = 184)
 Complementary therapist4826.09%
 Media (TV, newspapers, magazines, radio)2312.50%
 Social media84.35%
  1. CM=Complementary medicine