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Fig. 4

From: Identification and characterization of the Cucurbitacins, a novel class of small-molecule inhibitors of Tropomyosin receptor kinase a

Fig. 4

Gua Di extract (GDE) and Bitter gourd leaf extract (BGLE) inhibit nerve growth factor (NGF)-mediated tropomyosin receptor kinase A (TrkA) pathway in PC12 cells. (a) HPLC chromatogram of three standard compounds CuI (1), CuB (2) and CuE (3) respectively (upper panel); HPLC chromatograms of extracts from GDE detected at 230 nm (lower panel). Key to peak identities: cucurbitacin I (CuI) (1); CuB (2);CuE (3); (b) GDE (upper panel) and BGLE (lower panel) inhibited TrkA a phosphorylation in a concentration-dependent manner as shown by western blot

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