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Fig. 8 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fig. 8

From: Jiang-Zhi granules decrease sensitivity to low-dose CCl4 induced liver injury in NAFLD rats through reducing endoplasmic reticulum stress

Fig. 8

The schematic for JZG decreasing the sensitivity of NAFLD to liver injury. The schematic of proposed function mechanism for JZG was drew according to the results of this study. Various stimuli induce the accumulation of unfolded proteins in the ER and up-regulate the expression of GRP78 to improve the situation. However, the binding of GRP78 with unfolded proteins results in its dissociation with PERK and IRE1, causing the activation of these proteins and triggering ERS. PERK is activated by autophosphorylation and then phosphorylate EIF2α which promote the activation of NFκB. The activation of IRE1α could also mediate the further activation of NFкB through TRAF2. JZG could decrease the sensitivity of NAFLD to liver injury in rat through regulating ERS signaling pathway GRP78/PERK/EIF2α/NFκB, however, JZG did not affect the IRE1/TRAF/ NFκB pathway

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