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Table 4 Metal chelating activity (MCA), ferric reducing-antioxidant power (FRAP), free radical scavenging capacities, total phenolic content, and total flavonoid content of different extracts of Phyllanthus emblica, Terminalia arjuna, Terminalia bellirica, and Terminalia chebula

From: Traditional tonifying polyherbal infusion, Jatu-Phala-Tiga, exerts antioxidant activities and extends lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans

Medicinal plants MCA assay (IC50; mg/mL) FRAP assay (mM FeSO4/mg) Radical scavenging properties (IC50; mg/mL) Total contents of (mg equivalence/g of extract)
DPPH ABTS Phenolics Flavonoids
Phyllanthus emblica ET16.41±1.60b 21.50±1.51a 0.56±0.02c 0.27±0.02a 345.89±3.28b 41.55±1.63c
E26.13±1.41c 14.55±0.72b 0.35±0.03b 0.53±0.00c 374.09±12.45a 87.35±1.65a
W11.15±0.42a 16.81±0.46b 0.13±0.02a 0.32±0.01b 292.89±12.36c 77.47±6.24b
Terminalia arjuna ET20.34±1.53c 15.26±0.19c 0.92±0.01b 0.21±0.01a 253.37±28.93c 95.04±4.21a
E13.22±1.84b 16.43±0.73b 0.34±0.01a 1.94±0.24a 376.61±8.90b 42.80±1.90c
W5.27±0.17a 21.12±0.19a 0.41±0.07a 0.25±0.02b 446.49±13.37a 70.41±2.59b
Terminalia bellirica ET14.11±0.23a 18.50±0.40c 0.44±0.07b 0.23±0.01b 321.46±3.16b 60.21±1.08b
E61.18±7.17b 21.72±0.87b 0.37±0.03a 0.19±0.02a 405.71±9.35a 58.02±2.62b
W13.20±1.07a 23.37±0.85a 0.79±0.05c 0.26±0.00b 267.20±4.69c 84.62±5.98a
Terminalia chebula ET60.97±4.09c 11.30±0.17c 0.50±0.06b 0.36±0.01b 380.20±7.70ab 44.37±3.29c
E12.47±1.23b 19.16±0.31a 0.39±0.01a 0.21±0.01a 413.08±21.76a 85.00±5.43a
w4.64±0.17a 12.25±0.18b 0.59±0.02c 0.55±0.01c 381.28±10.31b 54.10±1.18b
  1. a-cValues in the same column with different superscripts are significantly different in the same medicinal plant (p < 0.05). ETethyl acetate, Eethanol, or Wwater.