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Fig. 2

From: Royal jelly-derived proteins enhance proliferation and migration of human epidermal keratinocytes in an in vitro scratch wound model

Fig. 2

Proliferative effects of protein fractions on human epidermal keratinocytes (HaCaT) after incubation for 24 h, 48 h or 72 h, as evaluated by MTT assays. a Proliferative effects of Fraction 1 on HaCaT cells. b Proliferative effects of Fraction 2 on HaCaT cells. Results are expressed as the mean ± SEM of at least seven determinations for each test from three independent experiments. Statistical significance of differences: *, p < 0.05; **, p < 0.01; ***, p < 0.001; #, p < 0.05; ##, p < 0.01; ###, p < 0.001 (* and # indicate comparisons with control conditions for proliferative and cytotoxic effects, respectively). BSA, bovine serum albumin, 3.2 μg/ml

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