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Table 9 Autogenic training, breathing and neurofeedback included studies

From: Mind-body practices for people living with HIV: a systematic scoping review

Project identifier Design Sample size Intervention/duration Outcome/time
[82] UK one group pretest-post-test
50 AT 7 diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise, safer sex, recreational drugs, spiritual experiences, autogenic training g.s. of 2 h + autogenic exercises home practice /7 weeks Post-int & 8 months
↑ quality of life
[83] USA one group pretest-post-test
pilot design
13 SCGI 8 spirituality, mental and physical health, personal goals, relaxation breathing exercise g.s. of 1 h15 /8 weeks Post-int
↑ positive spiritual coping
↓ depression
[84, 134] USA RCT 10 NFB 32 neurofeedback i.s. of 20 min /16 weeks Post-int
↓ symptoms
↑ CD4+
10 HDCE 20 min daily cranial electrotherapy home practice /16 weeks
10 NFB+ HDCE 32 neurofeedback i.s. of 20 min + 20 min daily cranial electrotherapy home practice /16 weeks
10 WL wait list
  1. AT autogenic training, g.s group sessions, Post-int post intervention, SCGI spiritual coping group intervention, RCT randomized control trial, NFB neurofeedback, HDCE home daily cranial electrotherapy, NFB + HDCE neurofeedback and home daily cranial electrotherapy, WL wait list, i.s individual sessions