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Table 5 The mean fractional inhibitory concentration index for MDR bacteria at AAU, 2018

From: Combined antibacterial effect of essential oils from three most commonly used Ethiopian traditional medicinal plants on multidrug resistant bacteria

Combined Gram positive MRSA multidrug resistant gram negative bacteria
E.coli (R) K. pneumoniae (R)
B. cuspidata + B.ogadensis 0.38b 0.75a 0.25b
B. cuspidata + B.ogadensis 1.50c 3.00d 0.50b
B. ogadensis + T.schimper 3.00d 3.00d 1.00a
  1. The values represent mean fractional inhibitory concentration index (n = 6), where, aX represents partial synergy while bX synergy interaction. cX represents indifference interaction while dX represents antagonistic interaction of essential oil