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Table 2 Participants in GP focus groups

From: ‘Trying to put a square peg into a round hole’: a qualitative study of healthcare professionals’ views of integrating complementary medicine into primary care for musculoskeletal and mental health comorbidity

Code Attitude to CAMa CAM practitioner? Deprivation in practice area (as reported by the GP) Ethnicity Practice location
A1 Neutral No Average White Semi-rural
A2 In favour No Deprived Mixed race (Asian/Caucasian) Urban
A3 Neutral but open Yes, anthroposophic medicine Mixed Non-White Urban
A4 In favour Yes, acupuncture (British Medical Acupuncture Society, BMAS) Deprived White Urban
A5 In favour Previously (acupuncture, homeopathy) Average White Semi-rural/ suburban
A6 Opposed to NHS funded CAM No Fairly deprived White Urban
A7 Mixed (depends on therapy) Yes, acupuncture (BMAS) Not deprived White Urban
A8 In favour No Not deprived White Semi urban
A9 Mixed (depends on therapy, payment etc) No Some deprivation White Urban
A10 In favour No Students White Urban
B1 Previously sceptical, becoming more open No (acupuncture provided at surgery) Deprived White Rural
B2 Neutral No Data missing White Locum
B3 Sceptical No Locum White Variety
B4 Open-minded but depends on the evidence No (acupuncture provided at surgery) Lower deprivation Non-White Suburban
B5 Data missing No Mixed White Data missing
B6 Data missing Yes, acupuncture Data missing Data missing Data missing
C1 Neutral No Affluent White Rural/urban
C2 In favour (if evidence-based) No Pockets of deprivation White Semi-rural
C4 Sceptical/neutral No Deprived White Urban
C5 Sceptical (but open to persuasion) No Mixed White Urban
  1. aThis is the respondent’s response to asking in an email “We are hoping that the focus groups comprise people with a diversity of opinion - would you say in general you are in favour of CAM, opposed to CAM or simply neutral?”