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Fig. 8

From: Feifukang ameliorates pulmonary fibrosis by inhibiting JAK-STAT signaling pathway

Fig. 8

Co-expressed lncRNAs with JAK1 and STAT3. a Nine lncRNAs, NONMMUG052541.1, MSTRG.1264.1, MSTRG.3327.1 MSTRG.4293.2, MSTRG.4626.1, MSTRG.50.34, MSTRG.6771.1, MSTRG.7675.1, MSTRG.9202.3, co-expressed with STAT3. Among these lncRNAs, NONMMUG052541.1 had the highest co-expressed degrees with STAT3. b Ten lncRNAs, MSTRG.7463.1, MSTRG.50.34, MSTRG.2464.1, MSTRG.4122.1, MSTRG.9233.2, MSTRG.12273.1, MSTRG.6994.1, MSTRG.7655.5, MSTRG.1264.1, MSTRG.9202.3, co-expressed with JAK1. Among these lncRNAs, MSTRG.7463.1 had the highest co-expressed degrees with JAK1

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