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Table 3 Specific search strategies

From: Yinzhihuang oral liquid combined with phototherapy for neonatal jaundice: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials

Database Time span Specific search strategy Number of hit
Medline Inception to December 2017 (Yinzhihuang * or Yinchenhao decoction * or Herba Artemisiae Scopariae).mp. [mp = title, abstract, original title, name of substance word, subject heading word, keyword heading word, protocol supplementary concept word, rare disease supplementary concept word, unique identifier] 57
Cochrane Library Issue12, 2017 Yinzhihuang:ti,ab,kw or Yinchenhao decoction:ti,ab,kw or Herba Artemisiae Scopariae:ti,ab,kw (Word variations have been searched) 136 Inception to December 2017 Drop Interventions clause leaving: Yinzhihuang or Yinchenhao decoction or Herba Artemisiae Scopariae 1
WHO ICTRP Inception to December 2017 “Yinzhihuang OR Yinchenhao decoction OR Herba Artemisiae Scopariae” in the Intervention 1
CNKI Inception to December 2017 ((Title/Abstract/Keyword = Artemisiae AND Title/Abstract/Keyword = Scopariae) OR Title/Abstract/Keyword = Yinzhihuang+Yinchenhao+Yinchen+Yinchenhaotang) AND Title/Abstract/Keyword = Xinshenger+Neonatal+Neonate+Newborn+Babies AND Title/Abstract/Keyword = Huangdan+Gaodanhongsu+hyperbilirubinemia AND Title/Abstract/Keyword = Suiji+Random+Randomisation 572
VIP Inception to December 2017 (((Title/Keyword = Artemisiae OR Abstract = Artemisiae) AND (Title/Keyword = Scopariae OR Abstract = Scopariae)) OR Title/Keyword = Yinzhihuang OR Title/Keyword = Yinchenhao OR Title/Keyword = Yinchen OR Title/Keyword = YinchenhaotangOR Abstract = Yinzhihuang OR Abstract = Yinchenhao OR Abstract = Yinchen OR Abstract = Yinchenhaotang) AND (Title/Keyword = Xinshenger OR Title/Keyword = Neonatal OR Title/Keyword = Neonate OR Title/Keyword = Newborn OR Title/Keyword = Babies OR Abstract = Xinshenger OR Abstract = Neonatal OR Abstract = Neonate OR Abstract = Newborn OR Abstract = Babies) AND (Title/Keyword = Huangdan OR Title/Keyword = Gaodanhongsu OR Title/Keyword = hyperbilirubinemia OR Abstract = Huangdan OR Abstract = Gaodanhongsu OR Abstract = hyperbilirubinemia) AND (Title/Keyword = Suiji OR Title/Keyword = Random OR Title/Keyword = Randomisation OR Abstract = Suiji OR Abstract = Random OR Abstract = Randomisation) 616
Wanfang Inception to December 2017 (((Title/Abstract/Keyword = Artemisiae)*(Title/Abstract/Keyword = Scopariae)) + (Title/Abstract/Keyword = Yinzhihuang+Yinchenhao+Yinchen+Yinchenhaotang))*(Title/Abstract/Keyword = Xinshenger+Neonatal+Neonate+Newborn+Babies)*(Title/Abstract/Keyword = Huangdan+Gaodanhongsu+hyperbilirubinemia)*(Title/Abstract/Keyword = Suiji+Random+Randomisation) 692
Sinomed Inception to December 2017 #1 (((((“Huangdan”[Title]) OR “Gaodanhongsu”[Title]) OR “hyperbilirubinemia”[Title]) OR “Huangdan”[Abstract]) OR “Gaodanhongsu”[Abstract]) OR “hyperbilirubinemia”[Abstract]
#2 (((((((((“Xinshenger”[Title]) OR “Neonatal”[Title]) OR “Neonate”[Title]) OR “Newborn”[Title]) OR “Babies”[Title]) OR “Xinshenger”[Abstract]) OR “Neonatal”[Abstract]) OR “Neonate”[Abstract]) OR “Newborn”[Abstract]) OR “Babies”[Abstract]
#3 (((((((“Yinzhihuang”[Title]) OR “Yinchenhao”[Title]) OR “Yinchen”[Title]) OR “Yinchenhaotang”[Title]) OR “Yinzhihuang”[Abstract]) OR “Yinchenhao”[Abstract]) OR “Yinchen”[Abstract]) OR “Yinchenhaotang”[Abstract])
#4 (((((“Suiji”[Title]) OR “Random”[Title]) OR “Randomisation”[Title]) OR “Suiji”[Abstract]) OR “Random”[Abstract]) OR “Randomisation”[Abstract]
#5 (#4) AND (#3) AND (#2) AND (#1)