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Table 6 Increase of BMI at sixth month in study groups according to professional activity (PA), adjusted for sociodemographic, socioeconomic, clinical and biological characteristics of the patients

From: Impact of Moringa oleifera lam. Leaf powder supplementation versus nutritional counseling on the body mass index and immune response of HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy: a single-blind randomized control trial

Variable BE (ES) P
Patients with PA
 Control group 1.06 (0.26)  
 Intervention group 3.01 (0.38)  
 Difference (I-C) +1.95 (0.42) <0.001
Patients without PA
 Control group 1.01 (0.28)  
 Intervention group 1.65 (0.47)  
 Difference (I-C) +0.64 (0.48) 0.194
  1. Adjusted by Age, sex, duration under ART, CD4 lymphocyte counts, viral load
  2. Interaction: P = 0.045