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Fig. 4 | BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Fig. 4

From: The topical application of low-temperature argon plasma enhances the anti-inflammatory effect of Jaun-ointment on DNCB-induced NC/Nga mice

Fig. 4

The effects of LTAP-JO treatment on DNCB-mediated accumulation of mast cell and eosinophil in the skin. a The result of toluidine blue staining of the skin tissues of mice from each group. The mast cells are shown as dark-purple dots in the dermis. b The result of the immunohistochemistry assay against eosinophilic peroxidase (EPX). Eosinophils are shown as stained cells in brown. The nuclei of the cells in skin tissues are counterstained with hematoxylin. Data shown are representatives of each group of mice (n = 5)

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