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Table 4 The effects of 5-FU combined with Abnormal Savda Munziq on the expression of ALT, AST and TNF-α in mice serum (\( \overline{x} \)±s)

From: Enhanced efficacy with reduced toxicity of chemotherapy drug 5-fluorouracil by synergistic treatment with Abnormal Savda Munziq from Uyghur medicine

Groups TNF-α(pg/ml) ALT(pg/ml) AST(pg/ml)
Control 17.874±1.561 84.800±1.063 48.500±0.509
Model 15.837±0.981ac 80.400±4.014c 48.280±0.621c
5-FU 14.630±1.120ab 517.925±23.055ab 240.165±6.725ab
5-FU+ASMq.H 21.718±0.991abc 208.260±15.423abc 153.370±0.985abc
5-FU+ASMq.M 26.906±0.654abc 130.175±15.066abc 79.610±1.053abc
5-FU+ASMq.L 18.520±1.223bc 409.995±46.607abc 207.075±9.730abc
  1. VS control group, a P<0.05;VS model group, b P<0.05 VS 5-FU group, c P<0.05