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Table 2 The effects of 5-FU combined with Abnormal Savda Munziq on the viscera index in mice bearing U27 cell-induced tumors (\( \overline{x} \)±s)

From: Enhanced efficacy with reduced toxicity of chemotherapy drug 5-fluorouracil by synergistic treatment with Abnormal Savda Munziq from Uyghur medicine

Groups Dosage g/kg N Thymus index (mg/g) Spleen index (mg/g) Liver index (mg/g) Kidney index (mg/g)
Control - 8 3.965±0.123 5.864±1.989 467.457±189.841 14.4509±4.473
Model - 8 3.502±0.163ac 5.033±2.624ac 492.436±364.409c 13.913±3.880ac
5-FU 0.03 8 2.469±0.140ab 3.212±1.103ab 637.620±471.837ab 14.384±5.538b
5-FU+ASMq.H 8 8 3.174±0.087abc 4.256±1.928abc 547.370±186.089abc 12.637±3.249abc
5-FU+ASMq.M 4 4 8 3.862±0.088bc 5.699±1.435bc 504.413±109.636ac 13.981±2.884ac
5-FU+ASMq.L 2 8 3.112±0.161abc 4.148±1.872abc 519.447±244.387abc 13.960±5.482ac
  1. VS control group,a P<0.05;VS model group, b P<0.05。VS 5-FU group, c P<0.05