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Table 1 Sequence of trial measurements for primary and secondary outcomes

From: Mindful Yoga for women with metastatic breast cancer: design of a randomized controlled trial

  Pre-Screening Telephone Screening Baseline Treatment Mid-Treatment Treatment Post-Treatment 3-Month Follow-up 6-Month Follow-up
VISIT, Time (weeks) (-16-0) (-13-0) 1 (-4–0) 2–4 (1–3) 5 (4) 6–9 (6–8) 10 (9) 11 (21) 12 (34)
Primary outcome measures
 Attendance at intervention sessions     X   X    
 Client Satisfaction Questionnaire-8        X   
Secondary outcome measures
 Brief Pain Inventory-Short Form    X     X X X
 Brief Fatigue Inventory    X     X X X
 Pittsburg Sleep Quality Index    X     X X X
 Hospital Anxiety & Depression Scale    X     X X X
 Mindfulness questionnaire (FFMQ-SF)    X     X X X
 Complementary/alternative medicine use    X     X X X
 6-min Walk Test    X     X X X
 Medical record review X   X     X X X
 ECOG or KPS X         
 Demographics    X       
 Daily diary items     X   X    
 Medication log    X   X   X X X
 Health questionnaire    X       
 Treatment expectations    X   X     
 Adverse events    X X X X X X X