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Table 1 Instances where T&CM should be considered in guideline development

From: An interpretive review of consensus statements on clinical guideline development and their application in the field of traditional and complementary medicine

1. The potential for at least modest clinical benefit where there is a large burden of diseasea;
2. High quality traditional evidence about safety and effectiveness that address a continuing burden of disease;
3. Cost-effective interventions that address a continuing burden of diseasea;
4. The potential for catastrophic risks from the T&CM intervention or its alternative;
5. Unknown benefit from a T&CM intervention that is commonly useda;
6. Inequalities of access or large unmet need;
7. High demand to integrate within conventional healthcare settings;
8. High costs relative to alternatives or vice versa;
9. Large system changes required for its introductiona; and
10. Conflict in choices between individual and societal perspectivesa.
  1. aCriteria outlined by the World Health Organisation for prioritising guideline development [7]