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Table 1 Scale to assess the Yin deficiency intestine heat pattern of constipation

From: Quantifying traditional Chinese medicine patterns using modern test theory: an example of functional constipation

  Definitions of item categories
0 1 2 3
1. Dry and hard stool Negative Slightly Moderately Extremely
2. Prolonged interval of spontaneous defecation Negative Interval ≥ 72 h Interval ≥ 96 h Interval ≥ 120 h
3. Sensation of incomplete evacuation Negative Slightly; occasionally Moderately; sometimes Severely; usually
4. Defecation pain Negative Slightly; occasionally Moderately; sometimes; no obvious impact on defecation Severely; always; afraid of defecation because of pain
5. Difficult bowel movement Negative Slightly Moderately; arduously Extremely difficult; need assistance
6. Abdominal distension Negative Slightly Moderately; tolerable Severely; intolerable
7. Reduced appetite Negative Slightly Moderately; reduced food intake ≥ 1/3 Severely; reduced food intake ≥ 1/2
8. Dry mouth and throat Negative Slightly; occasionally Moderately; sometimes Severely; usually; increased water intake
9. Sweaty palm and planta; distracted feeling Negative Slightly; occasionally Moderately; sometimes Severely; feel distracted all the day
10. Tea-colored urine, reduced urine volume Negative Slightly Moderately tea-colored; reduced urine volume ≥ 1/4 Extremely tea-colored; reduced urine volume ≥ 1/3