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Table 4 Sources, knowledge and reasons for using or not using medicinal plants

From: Ethnopharmacological survey of medicinal plants used by patients with psoriasis in the West Bank of Palestine

Item Percent
Sources from where patients obtained their medicinal plants
 Wild life 47.9
 Herbalists 20.5
 Friends 12.3
 Pharmacists 1.4
 Undeclared 17.8
Sources from where patients obtained knowledge about medicinal plants
 Family friend 8.33
 Other patients 31.5
 Herbalist 25.9
 Public media 16.7
 Pharmacists 0.93
 Doctors 1.85
 Internet 14.8
Reason reported by patients for using medicinal plants
 Medicinal plants enhance my immune system 16.7
 I was advised to use medicinal plants 15.8
 Medicinal plants are available and affordable 5
 Using medicinal plants is safe 27.5
 Medicinal plants are effective 11.7
 I have sufficient experience and information about medicinal plants 6.67
 Medicinal plants improve conventional therapy and reduce their side effects 16.7
Reason reported by patients for not using medicinal plants
 I don’t have enough information on medicinal plants 28
 I am not convinced that medicinal plants are better than conventional therapies 16
 Medicinal plants might have serious side effects 56