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Table 1 Plant parts and yield of crude extracts obtained with the different solvents

From: Filaricidal activities on Onchocerca ochengi and Loa loa, toxicity and phytochemical screening of extracts of Tragia benthami and Piper umbellatum

Plant name Plant part (dry weight) Parameter Hexane (hex) extracts Methylene chloride (mc) extracts Methanol (met) extracts
Tragia benthami Leaves (L) (131.05 g) Extract code TBLhex TBLmc TBLmet
Yield (%) 4.20 1.31 0.08
Roots (R) (83.21 g) Extract code TBRhex TBRmc TBRmet
Yield (%) 0.29 0.24 0.60
Piper umbellatum Leaves (L) (75.70 g) Extract code PULhex PULmc PULmet
Yield (%) 2.97 1.78 0.61
Roots (R) (75.70 g) Extract code PURhex PURmc PURmet
Yield (%) 1.88 1.51 0.62
Seeds (S) (33.54 g) Extract code PUShex PUSmc PUSmet
Yield (%) 0.54 01.19 ND
  1. TBL Tragia benthami leaves, TBR Tragia benthami roots, PUL Piper umbellatum leaves, PUR Piper umbellatum roots, PUS Piper umbellatum seeds, hex hexane, mc methylene chloride, met methanol, ND not done