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Table 4 Mc, and Tm are compared to Tr and the aqueous extract is compared to ethanol extract when the model is fitted. Tr was more sensitive than Mc (p<0.002) and more sensitive than Tm (p<0.035) to the antifungal activity of C. gynandra. Comparing the aqueous extract and ethanol extract, there was no statistically significant difference in the effect of extract on fungal strains (p=0.8960). However, dilution had a strongly significant effect on the outcome (p<0.0001)

From: Antifungal activity of Cleome gynandra L. aerial parts for topical treatment of Tinea capitis: an in vitro evaluation

Parameter Estimate Standard Error Wald Chi-Square P-value
Mc 3.16 1.03 9.38 0.002*
Tm 1.93 0.92 4.47 0.035*
Aqueous extract −0.10 0.72 0.02 0.896
Dilution −57.11 14.32 15.90 <0.0001*