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Table 1 List of plant species used in the study

From: Activity of crude extracts from Brazilian cerrado plants against clinically relevant Candida species

Plant species Family Extract solvent Voucher specimen
Eugenia dysenterica DC (Hexachlamys macedoi Legrand) Myrtaceae A 914 (UB)
Pouteria ramiflora (Mart.) Radlk Sapotaceae A, E, H 3671 (UB)
Pouteria torta (Mart.) Radlk Sapotaceae E,H 3674 (UB)
Bauhinia rufa (Bong.) Steud Fabaceae A, E, H 32144 (UB)
Erythroxylum subrotundum A. St.-Hil Erythroxylaceae A, E, H 2194 (UB)
Erythroxylum daphnites Mart Erythroxylaceae A, E, H 2193 (UB)
  1. Crude extracts from Leaves: A aqueous, E ethanolic, H hexanic