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Table 1 Yoga Self-Efficacy Scale Items

From: Development and Psychometric Properties of the Yoga Self-Efficacy Scale (YSES)

Yoga tool Item
Body When I practice yoga…
1. I am able to remain as comfortable as possible while doing movements.
2. I am able to keep my mind focused on movements of my body.
3. I can coordinate the movements of my body with my breath.
4. I am able to move my body smoothly.
5. I am able to maintain a feeling of stability in my body.
Breath When I practice yoga…
6. I am able to keep my breath smooth and continuous.
7. I am able to remain comfortable while regulating my breath.
8. I am able to focus my mind on my breath.
9. I am able to make my breath longer and deeper without feeling anxious.
Mind During my yoga practice…
10. If distracted, I can re-focus my mind.
11. (I am confident that I can maintain my attention.)*
12. If asked, I am able to visualize or have an impression of an object in my mind.
13. I am able to remain focused on a meditative object or point.
  1. *Removed after psychometric analysis
  2. Note: All items were rated on a 9-point Likert response scale ranging from 1 = “strongly disagree” to 9 = “strongly agree”