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Table 2 Physicochemical parameter of NKB extract and tablet

From: Exploring new pharmacology and toxicological screening and safety evaluation of one widely used formulation of Nidrakar Bati from South Asia region

Physicochemical Test Results Spec.
Extract appearance Visual performance Brownish, Aromatic odour, Tasteless NA
pH pH Meter 5.23 NA
Moisture content(100-105°C) Moisture content analyzer 2.2% NMT 1%
Solubility Water soluble extractive Add water Q.S. 18% NMT 16%
Alcohol soluble extractive Add isopropyl alcohol Q.S. 20.3% NMT 9%
Total solids content Microwave Solids Analyzers (CEM LabWave 9000) 0.69 NMT 1%
Ash content Total ash Wt. of sample and wt. of original sample ratio is determined 6.23% NMT 7%
water soluble ash As above 5.50%
Acid insoluble ash As above 0.88% NMT 1%
Sulphated ash As above 6.13%
Particle size/shape Microscopic analysis 12-14.5 cm length, 1–2 cm thick; Cylindrical and branched NA
Foreign matter (Residual solvents, Herbicides, pesticides, Microbial contamination) Disc Diffusion Assay 0.75% NMT 1%
  1. The specification mentioned in the table obtained from quality control lab of Sree Kundeswari Aushadhalya Ltd.-Ctg. The results found after tested were compared to this specification.