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Table 3 Inactive ingredients of muscle care ointment and roll-on gel

From: Toxicology and teratology of the active ingredients of professional therapy MuscleCare products during pregnancy and lactation: a systematic review

Inactive ingredients Purpose Content % (Ointment) Content % (Roll-on)
Cetyl alcohol Viscosity increasing 6.0% Not in roll-on
Stearyl alcohol Emollient, thickening agent 4.0% Not in roll-on
Glycerin Reduces irritation, prevents dehydration 4.0% 0.6%
Polysorbate-20 Surfactant 1.0% Not in roll-on
Urea Hydrating, penetration enhancer 1.0% Not in roll-on
Water Hydrating, penetration enhancer 55.1% 8.90%
Sepigel 305 Increases viscosity, stability, and shine 2.0% Not in roll-on
Optiphen Plus Preservative (for paraben-free use) 0.8% Not in roll-on
Acrylates Copolymer Binder/film former Not in ointment 9.0%
Propylene Glycol Skin conditioning, penetration enhancer Not in ointment 3.0%
Denatured alcohol Astringent, masking Not in ointment 56.25%
Triethanolamine Emulsifying agent Not in ointment 0.9%