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Table 1 Tools and databases of MetaCore platform

From: In-silico prediction of drug targets, biological activities, signal pathways and regulating networks of dioscin based on bioinformatics

Software/Databases Website Description
MetaCore database A manually curated interactions database for >90% human protein with known function.
Gene Ontology The most often referred to publicly available protein classification based on cellular processed developed by Gene Ontology Consortium.
MetaCore, pathway module A part of commercial tool MetaCore, the pathways module contains 350 interactive maps for > 2000 established pathways in human signaling, regulation and metabolism. High throughput data can be superimposed on the maps and networks built for any object.
MetaCore An integrated analytical suite based on a manually curated data of human protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions. All type of high throughput data can be used for building networks.