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Table 2 Frankincense oil-regulated transcription factors in J82 cells

From: Frankincense oil derived from Boswellia carteri induces tumor cell specific cytotoxicity

  Time after frankincense oil stimulation (hours)
  <0.5 0.5–1 1–2 2–3
Up-regulated LOC126295 (NM_173480.1) * ATF3 (NM_001040619.1) KLF4 (NM_004235.3) DDIT3 (NM_004083.4)
  EGR1 (NM_001964.2) FOS (NM_005252.2) KLF5 (NM_001730.3) DEDD2 (NM_133328.2)
   FOSB (NM_006732.1) ZBTB11 (NM_014415.1) DENR (NM_003677.3)
   KLF2 (NM_016270.2)   HES1 (NM_005524.2)
   ZNF234 (NM_006630.1)   ID1 (NM_181353.1)
     JUN (NM_002228.3)
     JUNB (NM_002229.2)
     SNAPC1 (NM_003082.2)
     TSC22D1 (NM_006022.2)
     UBTF (NM_014233.1)
     ZNF682 (NM_033196.1)
Down-regulated POLR2K (NM_005034.3) ING4 (NM_198287.1)   HDAC4 (NM_006037.2)
     RAI1 (NM_030665.3)
     TAF15 (NM_003487.2)
  1. *GenBank accession number.