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Table 1 Categories of diseases treated with animal-based medicines that are sold in public markets in Crato and Juazeiro do Norte, according to the "Centro Brasileiro de Classificação de Doenças" (1993)

From: Animal-based folk remedies sold in public markets in Crato and Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará, Brazil

Categories Ailments cited by the vendors Total
A Inflammations and "simpatias" 3
B Asthma, coughs, sore throat and bronchitis 4
C Rheumatism, arthritis, back aches and osteoporosis 4
D Hemorrhoids and cholesterol 2
E Snake bites 1
F Ear aches and deafness 2
G Urinary infections 1
H Bruises and alcoholism 2
I Intestinal infections 1
J Whooping cough, pityriasis and leprosy 3
K Fissures on the sole of the feet 1
Total 24  
  1. A: undefined illnesses; B: respiratory system; C: osteomuscular system and conjunctive tissue; D: circulatory system; E: Lesions caused by poisoning and other external causes; F: diseases of the ear; G: diseases of the urogenital system; H: diseases due to external causes; I: digestive system; J: Infections or diseases caused by parasites; K: skin and the subcutaneous tissue.