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Table 2 Comparison of attitudes to health and CAM scores of users and non-users of self-management

From: Use of complementary and alternative medicine and self-tests by coronary heart disease patients

Scale Self-management users
N = 123
Non-users of Self-management
N = 299
p value
  Mean SD Mean SD  
1. Attitude towards alternative medicine (max score 25):      
-I think most alternative therapies do not work. 15.08 2.94 14.78 2.40 0.3
-I would recommend alternative medicines to anyone of my friends who might get ill      
-I would never use the services of alternative therapists.      
-I trust most alternative therapists.      
-I think most alternative therapists are quacks      
2. Dissatisfaction with medical outcomes (max score 30):      
-I feel confident that doctors are able to cure most illnesses. 13.44 3.78 12.85 3.36 0.1
-Doctors can rarely do much for sick people.      
-Many times doctors don't help their patients get well.      
-I have very little confidence in the ability of most GPs to give the correct diagnosis.      
-Doctors often over-prescribe drugs      
-I think conventional medicine is unable to treat a lot of illnesses.      
3. Dissatisfaction with medical encounter (max score 35):      
-Most doctors pay a lot of attention to the individual needs of their patients. 18.75 5.04 17.57 4.45 0.03
-Most doctors have a lot of respect for their patients.      
-Most doctors listen carefully to their patients during consultations.      
-Most doctors do not give enough explanations to their patients.      
-Most doctors spend too little time with their patients.      
-Doctors have too much power over their patients.      
-Most doctors are too authoritative in their relationship with their patients      
4. Natural remedies (max score 30):      
-I prefer natural remedies to chemical drugs 15.85 2.64 15.66 2.56 0.5
-Most prescription drugs have negative side effects.      
-Additives such as preservatives and artificial colouring are harmful to health.      
-Most prescription drugs obtained from pharmacies are effective.      
-I think it is necessary for people who are ill to take medicines that doctors prescribe.      
-Without medications that doctors prescribe, illnesses can never be cured.      
5. Holism (max score 20):      
-Health is more than just keeping your body fit 15.09 1.96 14.55 1.70 0.009
-Health is about harmonising your body, mind and spirit.      
-Imbalances in a person's life are the major causes of illnesses      
-Treatments should concentrate only on symptoms rather than the whole person.      
6. Rejection of authority (max score 25):      
-Health practitioners should treat their patients as equals 18.53 2.32 17.80 2.01 0.003
-Patients should be able to have an input in what remedies health practitioners prescribe.      
-Patients should have some say over what goes on during consultations.      
-Health practitioners should act as authority figures in their relationship with patients.      
7. Individual responsibility (max score 15):      
-Achieving good health requires a change of lifestyle. 11.28 1.93 11.69 1.67 0.03
-Achieving good health requires hard work and commitment      
-We are what we are because of the choices we make.      
8. Consumerism (max score 5):      
-It's good that nowadays we have so many different types of therapies to choose from. 3.84 0.70 3.88 0.73 0.6