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Table 5 Phytochemical analysis of the chloroform:methanol extract of the green berries of S. villosum

From: Mosquito larvicidal activities of Solanum villosum berry extract against the dengue vector Stegomyia aegypti

Solvents used Spraying reagents R f values (and appearance) of the positive spot Presence/absence of phytochemicals
Acetone-hexane (4:1) Antimony chloride in concentrated hydrochloric acid - Absence of sapogenins
Methanol-concentrated ammonium hydroxide (200:3) Dragendorff 0.95, 0.96 (green) Presence of alkaloids
Chloroform Libermann-Buchard 0.95, 0.82, 0.68 (reddish pink) Presence of steroids
Chloroform:benzene (1:1) Vanillin-sulphuric acid 0.99 (violet blue) Presence of essential oil
Chloroform:acetic acid:water (90:45:6) Saturated alcoholic sodium acetate 0.98 (green) Presence of flavonoids
Ethyl acetate:benzene (1:1) Folin reagent 0.98, 0.94 (blue) Presence of phenolics
  Ninhydrin 0.78 Presence of protein
Chloroform on silica gel plate treated with silver nitrate Antimony chloride in chloroform 0.97, 0.48 (green) Presence of terpenoids