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Figure 1

From: Oral squamous cell carcinoma proliferative phenotype is modulated by proanthocyanidins: a potential prevention and treatment alternative for oral cancer

Figure 1

PAC-induced effects on cell morphology in vitro. Cell lines were cultured in the absence (A-E) or presence (F-J) of PAC (50 μg/mL). Ca Ski (A,F) and GH354 (B,G) cervical cancers increased in absolute number and ratio of cell spreading without PAC (A,B) but displayed morphological features characteristic of apoptosis under PAC treatment (F,G). CAL 27 (C,H) and HPV 16-transfected CAL 27 cells (D,I) also grew in the absence of PAC (C,D), but demonstrated surface blebbing activity and morphological changes similar to cervical cells under PAC treatment (H, I). Hs27 normal fibroblast controls (E,J) grew in the absence of PAC (E) and less rapidly in the presence of PAC (J), without demonstrable microscopic evidence of apoptotic cellular features.

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