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Table 2 Principle topics for "entry" and "exit" interviews

From: Homeopathy – what are the active ingredients? An exploratory study using the UK Medical Research Council's framework for the evaluation of complex interventions

"Entry" Interview Topics
Prior experience of conventional treatment for index condition
Referral pathway to BHH (e.g. initiated by whom?)
Prior experience of homeopathy (self, family, friends, media)
Attractions of homeopathy
Expectations about content of first homeopathic consultation
Thoughts on the "mind body link" in relation to their problem
Expectations about outcome of homeopathic treatment
Thoughts on how homeopathy "works"
"Exit" Interview Topics
Process of care
   Experience of homeopathic treatment
   Insights into self and health through care process
   Comparison with other health care experiences
   Comparison of prior expectations with perceived reality of care
   Experience of personal attributes of homeopathic doctor
   Beliefs on how this was chosen
   Understanding of the nature of the remedy
   Experience of taking the remedy
   Health changes over treatment period
   Health changes in relation to other measures such as questionnaire scores
Views on relative influences of consultations, remedies, chance etc