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Table 3 Use of prescription drugs in the past month. *Based on table by Madsen et al.[14] [N = 493]

From: A cross-sectional survey of complementary and alternative medicine use by children and adolescents attending the University Hospital of Wales

  n %
No drug use 135 27
Drugs against cardiac disease 8 2
Drugs against CNS disease (e.g. anticonvulsants) 22 5
Anti-neoplastic drugs (prednisolone, immunosuppressive drugs, folic acid) 36 7
Drugs against GI disease 71 14
Insulin or other hormones 71 14
Antibiotics and other systemic drugs against infectious diseases 99 20
Drugs for asthma, eczema, allergy 103 21
Other: Over the counter (OTC), paracetamol nutritional supplements/vitamins on doctors prescription 77 16