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Table 3 All Biological Based Therapies Utilized by Cardiovascular Patients (at any time)

From: Use of biological based therapy in patients with cardiovascular diseases in a university-hospital in New York City

Product Number Reasons for Use (per patient)
AA#5 (anti-arthritis) 1 treat arthritis
Acidophillus 1 health
Aloe vera 4 headache, stomach gas, skin pigmentation
Atomic Drops 1 treat headache
Bee Pollen 1 prevent cold
Beta carotene 5 maintain good health, energy, improve heart contraction
Bioflavinoid 1 bone health instructed by chiropractor
Calcium 19 supplement, prevent osteoporosis, improve heart function
Chamomile 2 stomach ache, improve heart condition
Chromium picolante 2 supplement for heart condition, muscle strength
Coenzyme Q 10 11 improve heart contraction, supplement to diet
Dexatrim 1 weight lost
DHEA1 1 supplement
Echinacea 5 prevent or treat cold, flu, stay healthy, boost immune system
Fish Oil 12 decrease cholesterol, maintain circulation and good health, scleroderma
Folic Acid 3 supplement, help with heart condition, sickle cell anemia
Garlic 5 decrease cholesterol, help maintain good health
Ginkgo biloba 5 antioxidant, enhance memory, energy
Ginseng 4 increase energy, stamina, virility
Glucosamine/chondroitin 10 treat arthritis, decrease joint pain
Golden seal 1 body cleaner
Grapeseed oil 1 preserve health
Green tea 3 decrease cholesterol, improve circulation
Mixed herbal tea 1 Sooth stomach upset, anxiety
Insulin leaf tea 1 diabetes
Iron supplement 4 anemia, increase energy
Lecithin 2 improve heart condition and circulation, decrease cholesterol
Alpha-Linolenic acid 1 improve heart condition
Magnesium 8 supplement, antioxidant, improve metabolism, improve heart function
Multivitamins 24 supplement, energy, sickle cell anemia
Primrose oil 1 scleroderma
Saint John's Wart 1 depression
Saw palmetto 1 for prostate health
Selenium 4 antioxidant, supplement, improve heart condition
Strong bark 1 help with heart condition
Valerian 4 decrease anxiety, improve sleep, to decrease blood pressure
Vitamin B complex 17 supplement, improve heart condition, decrease leg cramps, energy
Vitamin B12 2 supplement, anemia
Vitamin C 30 antioxidant, supplement, help with heart condition, improve circulation, strengthen immune system, prevent or treat cold
Vitamin E 41 antioxidant, supplement, help with heart condition, increase energy, decrease cholesterol, improve circulation, thin blood, treat hypertension
Yohimbine 1 increase energy, stamina, virility
Zinc 4 supplement
  1. 1dehydroepiandrosterone