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Table 1 Parasitemia and survival time of infected mice treated with crude extract and solvent fractions of Croton macrostachys in the 4 day suppressive test

From: In vivo antimalarial activity of the crude leaf extract and solvent fractions of Croton macrostachyus Hocsht. (Euphorbiaceae) against Plasmodium berghei in mice

Extract Animal group Parasitaemia level % suppression Survival date
Crude extract CON 32±0.97 - 7±0.36
CM200 18±1.73 44a3,b3,c3 10±0.33a1,b3,c3
CM400 7±0.31 78a3,b1,c3 14±0.42a3,b3,c3
CM600 3±0.40 91a3 18±0.60a3,c3
CQ25 0.0a3 100 30±0a3
Chloroform fraction CON 30.43±0.61 - 7.34±0.42
CF200 15.40±0.43 49.4a3,c3 9.00±0.68c3
CF400 10.30±0.58 66.2a3,c3,e3 13.34±1.25a3,c3,e1
CF600 7.34±0.15 75.9a3,c3,d3,e3 16.50±1.08a3,c3,e3
CQ25 0.00±0.00 100.00a3 29.67±0.34a3
Methanol fraction CON 34.33±1.62 - 6.84±0.17
MF200 21.61±0.54 37.1a3,c3 8.83±1.14c3
MF400 16.30±0.71 52.5a3,c3,e2 8.50±0.56c3
MF600 12.28±0.52 64.2a3,c3,d1,e3 10.00±1.15a1,c3
CQ25 0.00±0.00 100.00a3 30.00±0.00a3
Aqueous fraction CON 37.47±0.84 - 7.00±0.25
AF200 33.03±0.94 11.8a2,c3 7.84±0.60c3
AF400 26.27±0.69 29.9a3,c3,e3 8.34±0.42c3
AF600 22.94±0.79 38.8a3,c3,d3,e3 9.17±0.31a2,c3
  CQ25 0.00±0.00 100.00a3 30.00±0.00a3
  1. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM; n = 6; a, compared to control; b, to 600 mg/kg; c, to CQ25mg/kg; d, to 400 mg/kg; e, 200 mg/kg: 1p<0.05, 2p<0.01, 3p<0.001; CF = Chloroform fraction, CQ = chloroquine, MF, methanol fraction, AF, aqueous fraction, CON = Control, CM, crude extract of Croton macrostachys. Numbers refer to dose in mg/kg.