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Table 2 The list of 14 Malaysian medicinal plants and its traditional claims and treatments

From: Effect of selected local medicinal plants on the asexual blood stage of chloroquine resistant Plasmodium falciparum

Family Plant species Local name Traditional claims by the Malays and aborigines Voucher specimen
Asteraceae Vernonia amygdalina Pokok panjang hayat, Daun bismillah Leaf: Used as a remedy for the management of diabetes, hypertension and hypercholestrolaemia. PID231114-18
Simaroubaceae Brucea javanica Melada pahit Leaf: Used as a poultice for scurf, ringworm, boils, centipede bites and over enlarged spleen in fever. Root: Used as a decoction for colic, dysentery, fever, bodily pain and labour pain. Fruit and leaf: Used as an infusion to cure malaria. UKMB40227
Leeaceae Leea indica Mali-mali, memali Leaf: Used as a poultice in skin complaints caused by poisonous caterpillars and body pains. PID241114-18
Lauraceae Cinnamomun iners Kayu manis hutan, Teja lawang Root: Used as a decoction after childbirth, fever. Leaf: Used as a poultice for rheumatism. PID271114-18
Verbenaceae Vitex negundo Lenggundi, Lemuni hitam Leaf: Used as a remedy for cleansing the birth canal and increase the production of milk after childbirth. PID261114-18
Combretaceae Terminalia catappa Ketapang Bark: Act as astringent in dysentery Leaf: Act as a sudorific and applied to rheumatic joints, used internally for headache and colic. PID251114-18
Rubiaceae Morinda elliptica Mengkudu kecil, Mengkudu hutan Leaf: Added to rice for loss of appetite, taken for head ache, cholera, diarrhoea and fever. Applied in a pounded condition upon the spleen and wounds. A lotion for haemorrhoids and upon the body after childbirth. MTM193
Annonaceae Annona muricata Durian belanda Leaf: Used as a poultice or an infusion externally for skin complaints in children, and for coughs and rheumatism. MTA174
Asteraceae Elephantopus scaber Tutup bumi, Tapak sulaiman Used as a decoction (leaf or root) for preventive medicine after childbirth, in tonics, to drive out round worm, for coughs and veneral disease. The leaf decoction used as an antihelmintic, as a diuretic and for abdominal pains. The root decoction also used to arrest vomiting. MTE174
Zingiberaceae Curcuma mangga Temu pauh, Temu manga Rhizome: Used as stomachic and as a mixture for continuous fever. RZ14/10
  Curcuma zedoaria Temu kuning, Temu putih Rhizome: Used in decoction as a tonic and for indigestion. MTC0071
  Curcuma aeruginosa Temu hitam, Temu erang Rhizome: Used as a tonic, for a cough and asthma. Externally used (pounded in coconut oil) for scurf. RZ18/10
  Alpinia galanga Lengkuas Rhizome: Used as a decoction to cure malaria. Carminative, stomachic and ointment for skin eruptions. MTA0059
  Curcuma phaeocaulis Temu merah Rhizome: Used by the local to treat tumours RZ19/10
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